Sons of Norway was organized by Norwegian immigrants in 1895 to protect members and their families from financial hardships. Read More.

Our lodge is over 100 years old and while some members come to meetings from 30 miles away, we primarily serve individuals in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago who want to learn more about Norwegian culture and heritage or would simply like to spend some time with others who love this wonderful country.  Each month we have a brief business meeting, our program for the day, and food and beverages as we relax and enjoy being with each other. OUR 2018 MEETINGS (except for the Christmas party) WILL BE FROM 2:00-4:00 PM (with a "themed" potluck lunch at 2PM). We do from time to time have special events, or a meeting at a different location so always check our meetings page for the latest information.
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Our member, Rose Haaksonsen, passed away January 15, 2018. Rose's  funeral services were held Saturday, January 20th at Cary United Methodist Church. Her obituary is on our News Page.

  • Our members love to travel to Norway
  • Each member might travel to different parts of this beautiful country
  • Each discovers their own personal memories
  • We present varied Norwegian themed programs - one was on Norwegian elk hounds


02/18/2018 Sunday 2:00PM

PROGRAM: “What’s happening in Norway today?” presented by Professor Charles Peterson, Professor of Communication Arts & Assistant to the Provost of North Park University.

February is "Norwegian Sweater Month" at Sons of Norway", wear your Norwegian sweater to this meeting.

Each meeting in 2018 will have a "potluck" meal. Our February 18, 2018 meeting is our 2nd Annual "CHILI COOK OFF": You bring it - We'll eat it!  Bring yours to the meeting and see if it gets voted best! If you are not entering a chili to be judged, please contribute a side or dessert that goes with chili.



Part of our charter is to share our love of this beautiful country with others in our community.  GUESTS ARE VERY WELCOME AT OUR EVENTS AND MEETINGS!

Come to a meeting - enjoy a program, typically on Norway or Norwegian culture and history. We meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 2:00PM - 4:00PM at the AYUA Ukrainian Center, 136 East Illinois Avenue, Palatine, Illinois. We always have coffee and something to eat starting with a potluck lunch at 2PM.  In addition to our regular meetings we have special events and our members participate in volunteer activities.


Enjoy fun activities throughout the year like our Heritage Fest. Please consider joining Skjold Lodge. While full members must be 16 years of age, we also have special membership fees for children under 15 and for young children in member's families.

While we are called "Sons" of Norway, women are valued members and serve in lodge, district and international leadership positions. Women currently serve as our lodge President and Vice President.

Our lodge year!

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What can you look forward to as a member of Skjold Lodge? There is a rhythm to each year that has us looking forward to meetings and activities. Special activities include a summer picnic, celebrating at multiple Syttende Mai (Norwegian Constitution Day) events in May, participating in Scandinavian Day in the fall followed by our annual Heritage Fest. We also have a meeting where we raise money for the Sons of Norway Foundation to help provide scholarships for worthy college students, and finish our lodge year with a fun Christmas Party in December.

Click/tap on the "Learn More" button for a overview of what you can generally expect as our year moves along. While the pattern is fairly similar each year, of course the programs at meetings are constantly changing.


Sons of Norway

Sons of Norway was organized as a fraternal benefit society by 18 Norwegian immigrants in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on January 16, 1895. The purposes and goals of the Founding Fathers were to protect members of Sons of Norway and their families from the financial hardships experienced during times of sickness or death in the family. As with many immigrant organizations originally created by men, today women are valued members serving in key lodge, district and international leadership positions including President of Sons of Norway.

Over time, the mission of Sons of Norway was expanded to include the preservation of Norwegian heritage and culture in our Society. We have grown since our beginning and are now the largest Norwegian organization outside Norway.  The original purpose was not forgotten and Sons of Norway continues to provide financial and insurance services to its members.  As a fraternal organization, Sons of Norway holds volunteerism as a core value. In fact, our lodges give back to their communities with over 400,000 hours of volunteer service each year.

Skjold Lodge

Skjold Lodge #5-100 is based in Palatine, Illinois and is one of over 400 Sons of Norway lodges in the U.S., Canada, and Norway.   Skjold  was formed on February 25, 1910 and was the 100th lodge created by Sons of Norway.  Monthly meetings with food and beverages are held at the AYUA Ukrainian Center in Palatine, Illinois. Each meeting features a program based on Norway or Norwegian culture.  While some members and guests come to meetings from 30 miles away, we primarily serve individuals in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago who want to learn more about Norwegian culture and heritage or would simply like to spend some time with others who love this wonderful country. Each member family receives an issue of "Skjold News" the bi-monthly lodge newsletter and "Viking" magazine. Special publications are also sent to younger members.

Sons of Norway is organized by country, district, sub-district and lodge.  We are part of District 5.



Ms. Lisa Solak



Ms. Laurie Sorman

Vice President
Membership Chair

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