Dedicated to protecting the present and securing future, Sons of Norway offers a range of sound and competitive financial products to meet our members' needs.

More than a Norwegian heritage organization, Sons of Norway financial products can help you prepare for the future.

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How it all started

AND, what does that have to do with Norwegian heritage and culture?
It turns out, it was they other way around.

We might think of Sons of Norway as lodge meetings, language camps and lefse. But Sons of Norway also can help us plan for financial challenges in the event of death and financial opportunity in life.

IT STARTED WITH IMMIGRANTS TRYING TO PROTECT THEMSELVES. Sons of Norway was founded in 1895, by 18 Norwegian immigrants who were not U.S. citizens and could not buy insurance. They formed Sons of Norway to raise money to protect members and their families from financial hardship. Over time, its mission was expanded to include the preservation of Norwegian heritage.

When many immigrant groups came to America they had no choice but to band together and support each other.  If people fell on hard times, others helped them.  With Sons of Norway it all started with "group assistance plans" back in Trøndheim where members paid a small amount each week and in return received free medical care for themselves and their families.  It was in this spirit of real necessity that Sons of Norway was founded as a mutual assistance society. In Article III of the incorporation document it states " … to aid its members and their families in case of sickness and death, by according them financial assistance …".  Today the extensive insurance offered to qualifying members provides a firm foundation and economic base from which extensive programs are carried out.

YOUR MEMBERSHIP DUES ARE LOWER BECAUSE OF THE FINANCIAL PRODUCTS SIDE OF SONS OF NORWAY! A portion of the profits from the insurance operations, almost $1.3 million a year, is used to help publish Viking magazine and to pay for the informational packages sent to lodges, including Norwegian language tapes and CD's.

Greg Ragan can help

The financial benefits from Sons of Norway may make sense for you, whether it is life insurance, health insurance, long term health care, Medicare supplements, retirement or estate planning, or a variety of investment options.

Our District's Financial Benefits Counselor is Greg Ragan.


Please contact Greg at 1-800-442-4146 to see if the broad range of Financial Benefits from Sons of Norway meets needs in your life.

When we interviewed Greg, he made the following comment:

Sons of Norway insurance products are a win-win situation for members. They provide a sound financial investment and the revenue supports the cultural heritage programs our members cherish.

I would never ask you to buy a Sons of Norway insurance product only because it supports our fraternal and heritage programs. I hope that you will buy our products because they are high quality products that provide protection for you and your family.

I hope you at least keep the door open when a Sons of Norway Field Staff Representative calls to arrange a time to have a financial checkup. Having a financial checkup will give you plenty of ideas about your goals and needs that will prove beneficial for you.

MEMBER BENEFIT: One benefit of your Sons of Norway Membership is a "Complimentary Financial Review". This free review provides valuable information relevant to your current financial situation and also helps you plan effectively for the future no matter what your age.