Like to help others?
October is "Foundation Month" at Sons of Norway. Skjold Lodge supports and has benefited directly from the Foundation, both with members and their children receiving scholarships and the lodge receiving grants to help us hold cultural events.
Our October lodge meeting becomes a "Foundation Meeting" to raise money to help the Sons of Norway Foundation provide grants and scholarships to members and those in need.

Our previous "Foundation Banquet" fundraising event, often at a banquet hall complete with a band and dancing, was too costly for some and may have reduced the amount members felt they could donate to the Sons of Norway Foundation.  Now we focus on the Foundation at a meeting with a free pot luck and a speaker in hopes that more members could attend and that ultimately more money would be raised. Donate at the meeting or on line.

Education can be expensive - Scholarships help.
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Your Donation

At the meeting or on line: Some members prefer to present their donation check at the meeting, but today you can learn more about the Foundation and make your donation on line at The Sons of Norway web site by selecting the "Foundation" tab at the top of the entry page. If you wish, you can direct your donation to support a particular effort or type of scholarship. You can make a one-time donation or join the "Klubb" and set up a recurring donation. When you make a donation, please indicate you are a member of Skjold Lodge. Sons of Norway tracks how much individuals and lodges donate across time. The lodge has been a strong supporter of the Foundation and likes to be recognized for our efforts.

The Meeting

We have a pot-luck meal, a raffle, and a speaker. No need for reservations - Just come to the meeting, enjoy a great pot luck meal (bring a dish to share), buy some raffle tickets, enjoy our guest speaker and hopefully, make a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation (have that checkbook ready). A donation is not required to attend the meeting, but we hope you will help the Foundation.

The Sons of Norway Foundation

$1,375,000 in scholarships, $390,000 in grants and more than $500,000 in humanitarian aid.

The Sons of Norway Foundation Helps Others: Funds are used for charitable, scientific, literary and educational endeavors in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans along with humanitarian aid.

*Governance: The Sons of Norway Foundation is the charitable arm of the Sons of Norway.  The International Board of Directors of Sons of Norway appoints a Foundation board of governors and the home office staff administers the work of the foundation.  This board serves without pay, so all funds donated go directly to the work of the Foundation.

*Tax-deductible Contributions: Your contribution helps those in need and helps preserve and promote Norwegian heritage in the United States and the American heritage in Norway.

Some Examples

*The Humanitarian Fund.

This fund offers emergency aid to our members, lodges and communities experiencing distress or disaster.  Over $100,000 was directed to the 911 disaster.  Over $300,000 was provided during the Red River flood in 1997.

*Helping Hand to Children.
  Helping Hand to Children, provides matching funds to lodges for mentoring or tutoring children.

Sons of Norway, through its Foundation, offers several different scholarships. One award is for 50% of the tuition of one semester for up to three years. The scholarships, generally ranging up to $2,000 help worthy students persue their educational dreams. There are several different types each with a different focus of how the money can be used. You may wish to support students who: are military veterans, have high educational achievement in the sciences, or are attending school in Norway for example.  Members of Skjold Lodge have received them.

There are several different grants up to $1,500. Skjold Lodge has received money to help us hold cultural events in our area.