COME TO A MEETING! We meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 2:00PM - 4:00PM at the AYUA Ukrainian Center, 136 East Illinois Avenue, Palatine, Illinois, with a program on Norway or Norwegian culture and history.  Our meetings start with a "themed" pot luck lunch where you are invited to bring a dish of your choosing (matching the "theme" if you can).


Part of our charter is to share our love of this beautiful country with others in our community.  GUESTS ARE VERY WELCOME AT OUR EVENTS AND MEETINGS!




01/08/2019, 6:00PM

While not open to the public - any active member may attend lodge board meetings.


01/20/2019, 2:00PM


1PM: Audits for the Lodge and the building society will be done starting at 1 pm and continuing until finished.
2PM: Lunch.  Everyone, please bring some open-faced sandwiches (smørbrod) to share. Cake will be provided (by Lisa), followed by the Installation of 2019 Officers. PROGRAM: “Pictorial History of Skjold Lodge by Jim Secora.
After the meeting, the Building Society will meet.
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01/26-27, 2019 Saturday NOON-4:00PM

Junior Norge Ski Club Winter Ski Jumping Tournament
Noon – 4:00 PM, Fox River Grove, IL
$15.00 at gate, children 12 and under free


02/12/2019, 6:00PM

While not open to the public - any active member may attend lodge board meetings.

02/17/2019, 2:00PM Sunday Lodge Meeting

3rd Annual Chili Cook Off

PROGRAM: “Sweaters, Chili and Cookies”.  Please wear your Norwegian sweater to this meeting.  We will again hold our ever popular chili cook-off. Prizes will be offered in 2 categories: RED meat (beef, pork, or some combination) and non-red (eg. chicken, veggie). For those not into cooking chili, or who would like to do both, we will also have a cookie contest. There are 2 categories here, also:  the best Norwegian cookie (to share), and the most cookies packaged for donating to Barnebirkie (preferably no nuts). Pick your contest! Enter more than one.
If you are not entering a chili or cookies to be judged please contribute a side or dessert that goes with chili.

Cultural note: you will notice that both the January meeting with your smørbrod and your cookies give you the opportunity to show-off your Norwegian cooking skills.  Be sure to document your efforts with photos so you can complete your application for a cooking medal.  The first level medal is your favorite (Norwegian) recipes, so get started.

February is "Norwegian Sweater Month" at Sons of Norway", so wear your Norwegian sweater to this meeting.

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BRING COOKIES TO THIS MEETING! for the February 21, 2019, Barnebirkie Youth Ski Tour in Hayward, Wisconsin (learn more HERE).
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YES! 1,000 children participate in the Barnebirkie and they get hungry as do all the others participating and attending in ski events over the weekend. In prior years Skjold Lodge and other District 5 lodges have donated over 1,500 DOZEN cookies for a single event!  Cookies should be nut-free. Please label your bag or box with the approximate count in dozens. If you don't get around to baking, we will also accept money for buying “Oreos” or other appropriate cookies. Photo attribution: Creative commons CCO /