Vil du bli medlem?

Will you become a member?

Discover Sons of Norway and you'll find a community of people dedicated to their families, other members, and making a difference in the world around them. Together we celebrate the heritage and culture of Norway, while offering our members the protection of solid financial products and services.

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Membership Dues

Information about belonging to Sons of Norway is available at our international web site Explore the "About Us", "Financial Products", and "Member Benefits" tabs to learn more about belonging to Sons of Norway.  Feel free to check out the entire site!


Individuals, 16 years and older, who are interested in of Sons of Norway, may apply for membership.  See special guidelines for our youth memberships.

While we are called "Sons" of Norway, women are very welcome and active members of the lodges, districts, and at the international level. Every key position at the international level of Sons of Norway (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) has been or is held by a woman!

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES: (see "Special Memberships").

A full membership.  Receive the benefits of the monthly Viking Magazine, take advantage of events and tours, and explore the culture and history of Norway.

*FAMILY DUES - $95.00
Each member residing at the same address is part of the Sons of Norway Family Membership.  Each household receives one (1) copy of the monthly Viking magazine.

If you are adding a family member to your individual membership, your family may be eligible for the combined family rate. Please call Sons of Norway at 612-827-3116 for family rate consideration.

Distribution of your dues are shown in the following chart:

JOIN ON-LINE: Go to the Sons of Norway website. Click on the JOIN/RENEW button on the top of the screen, When you get to "Member Signup", we are Skjold Lodge #5-100. Click "Join this lodge" and follow the instructions. You can sign up more than one category (individual, family, etc.) before you complete the process.

 While we would love to have you join Skjold Lodge, please check out the lodge closest to you also.

Special Memberships

LIFE MEMBERSHIP (Discontinued but "grandfathered").
Life members are members who were 65 years old or older and who had been members for 30 years or more before the end of 1998. As of Jan. 1, 1999, Sons of Norway stopped awarding Life Membership. Life members will continue to have their dues waived under the new dues structure.

(Discontinued but "grandfathered").
On Jan. 1, 1999, Life Membership was replaced with Golden Membership. People who were already Life members retained that status, but going forward people who met those same qualifications (65 years of age and older and 30 years of membership) became Golden members. Golden members pay a reduced dues rate.

The awarding of new Golden Memberships was discontinued in the United States as of Jan. 1, 2018. Current Golden members, including those who attain the status by Dec. 31, 2017, will retain that designation and continue to pay a reduced dues rate. Individual Golden members will pay $42.00 a year, a couple, both of whom are Golden members will pay $60.00 for a year at the family rate.

Youth Memberships

*YOUTH ("UNGE VENNER" ["Young Friends"]) Discontinued.

Effective January 1, 2018, the Unge Venner membership category will no longer exist.  Previously this was a free membership for young people ages 16 through 23 who are directly descended from a current member (child, grandchild, or great grandchild). Former Unge Venners will now pay either $60 for an individual membership or fall under the family membership umbrella ($95 for all members at the same mailing address).

*HERITAGE (15 and under)
Kids 15 and under join free!
Children 15 years of age or under, who have a parent or grandparent who is a Sons of Norway member, may sign up for a free Heritage Membership. The Heritage Member sign up form is available at the Sons of Norway international web site. Click on the magnifying glass image to the right of JOIN/RENEW, search on "Heritage Member". You will be presented with a set of Heritage Membership information topics including the ability to complete and submit a Heritage Member application form.


Learn More About Us


We'd like to personally tell you about Skjold Lodge and what we do locally.

To learn more about Skjold Lodge and the details of membership, e-mail our Membership Director, Jim Secora.

For More Information

Mr. Jim Secora

Vice President
Membership Director

2018 Dues Changes

Starting in 2018, Sons of Norway completely changed membership dues. Prior to 2018, EVERY lodge might have had different membership dues. There were 385 different dues structures prior to the change.

The proposed dues changes were reviewed and discussed for over 4 years before implementation. The changes were discussed and voted at the 2014 and 2016 International conventions by the elected representatives of the Districts and Lodges.

As a result of the changes
* The International portion of Sons of Norway dues did not increase.
* District and lodge portions of dues may change:
   * Some may experience an increase.
   * Others may experience a decrease, particularly in the total dues amount for a household.